10 min video piece. 2016.
Objects of Experience 02. 2014
White Sessions. 2013
‘Familiar Ground’ captures a moment in which a young girl walks home from school. The act of walking, travelling across a space, the first steps of independence gained. This repeated act, across the same path, daily, over a number of years are moments that we can sometimes overlook but are an invaluable part of becoming aware and present of the world around us. 2016.
Horse Hair and Plaster. Sculpture. 2017
'The Book of Disquiet' Fernando Pessoa. Dismantled. 2013.
'Live Stream' 2017. A 3 month long live stream of a field in Ruskin Land.
Objects of Experience 01. 2014
The Plasterer. Film. 2017.
Horse Hair and Plaster Sculpture. 2017.
'Live Stream' 2017. A 3 month long live stream of a field in Ruskin Land.

Leonie Sinden is an Artist currently working with film, sculpture and photography.

Exhibitions The Dodo and The Seed. Siobhan Davis Dance Studios, London, September 2017. By End of Play. Glasgow Open House, May 2017. Royal College of Art WIP Show. Battersea, London, January 2017. Pausellplay. StLeonards on Sea, May 2016. Rock, paper, Sissors. Hoxton, London, July 2015. This is the Plinth. Glasgow, December 2014.   Parallel Cities. Copland Rd Safe House, Peckham, London, June 2014. STILL. Portman Gallery, London, July 2013.        
info@leoniesinden.com Twitter @leoniesinden Instagram @leoniesinden Telephone: + 44 (0) 7927 988 314